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Just a gallery of my faves from other deviants.


Cosplay Pikachu Madam Ray by MrSman5
Cosplay Pikachu Madam Ray
With the new Pok'emon Sun and moon coming soon and Pok'emon go all over the news.  I thought I make a cosplay Pikachu pic of her dressed as my superhero OC Madam Ray.  You know, for fun.
Polly Clawson Bleed by MrSman5
Polly Clawson Bleed

In the last story, I reveled that Polo's first baby was sent to an alternate world.  What happened once she grew up?


Welcome to Untold tales where I tell you stories from the crossover sagas of :iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777:   and I tell you what happens before, after, and in between.  All characters belong to their respected deviants.


We pick up nine hundred years in an alternate world where both the anthro world and the demon world are bridged together.  So in this world both anthros and demons co exist.  Here Polly Clawson was one of the main rulers of this world and has her own police force known as Claw force.   Unknowingly to her, Polly is actually the long lost daughter of Polo Clawson and Sinako Bleed.  Like her mother, Polly was tough, and a master of chi magic, but like her father, She's immortal, she loves her family with all her heart, She's not very bright, and she's completely sex crazed.  Being a bisexual, Polly will always go after men and women alike, but she loves toying and being with Nellie L. Toxin the most.  Nellie L. Toxin is an alternate version of Nellie West of this world.  She was once a mortal who was a leader of a notorious gang called the Shadow Blade gang.  To Polly, Nellie was a playmate/ lover, But Nellie found Polly as a pain.  One day Nellie was dying after a brutal fight, and Polly didn't want to lose her best girlfriend, so Polly changed her into a  destroyer class demon Like B.L. Toxin from the original demon world.  Since then Polly's been toying with Nellie for dates more than ever.   Even though Nellie L. Toxin get's annoyed by Polly's antics, she secretly loves Polly.      


The top warrior of this world was Polly's first son named James II named after her stepfather James Clawson who died years ago.  He was known as the Blue Knight, and he was this world's John Arthur Bleed.  He's keeps the peace, and retain order in the world, and was both feared and hated by all evil demons.  Polly's other son was Komin, he was known as the Red Knight, he's the more laid back son, who is a chaos loving prankster, and of course like his mom, he's sex crazed.  And their was her daughter Xyna, who was the more uptight one.  She's known to be a control freak, and doesn't like to be upstaged, especially by her brothers.  She's known as the Violet Knight.  For years, Polly lived happily with her family, her husbands, her wives, and her children.  Although, she kept having dreams about her biological parents, it got Polly wondering where she really came from.  That was when a Hell goat came out of a portal in her room, at first Polly thought it was her friend Rolly, this world's Rally, but to her surprise, it was Rally. 


 Polly:  :? 


Rally:  *pickle* Hi. ^^;


Polly: Oh...  Thought you were Rolly.


Rolly: *Banana* You called?  :?


At that moment Rolly and Rally saw each other. 


Rolly: *Banana*  Rally?


Rally: *Pickle* Rolly?


It turns out that Rolly was one of Rally's brothers, while they were catching up, Polly just jumped into the portal which sent her into the other demon world.   Thinking that there could be cute guys and gals in that world. 


Polly:  :la: Fun time, in another world!!  


Rally: *pickle*  :stare: Did she just...


Rolly:  *Banana* ^^; Polly's not very bright...


Within seconds Polly found herself inside Sinako's home.


Polly:  Wow...  :?  Whoever lives here ripped off my place...


As Polly explored the house, she finally found her father Sinako Bleed who was sound asleep on his easy chair.  Completely unaware that he's her dad, Polly was awe struck at how handsome Sin was.  As Polly got closer she was grabbed by Sin and was holding her in his lap holding her like a teddy bear.


Polly:  :love:  Ooooh I like you already.


Just then, Sinako woke up and saw Polly in his lap.  


Sinako:  Well...  Where'd you come from? :heart:


Polly:  Your dreams honey! :horny:


Suddenly Rally and Rolly  dashed in the room and stopped the two from fooling around. 


Rolly:  *Banana*  STOP BOSS!!!  That guy's...


Rally:  *Pickle*  Sin!  That's your lost baby daughter!


Both Sin and Polly were shocked to hear that news.


Sinako:  :jawdrop:  W What?!!  My...  my...  Baby?


Polly:  :shocked:  This is my...  Daddy?


Rally:  *pickle*  Yes.    She's your long lost daughter...


Rolly:  *Banana*  She came to our world a long time ago, and...


But of course Sin and Polly weren't listening.


Polly:  :love:  DADDY!!!  :hug:


Sinako: :heart: :cries: My Baby!


Rolly:  *Banana* :no: Their both idiots...


Rally: *Pickle*  Yeah...  But at least their happy.


Meanwhile back in the Anthro demon dimension, James II, Komin, and Xyna came home from a mission, to find that their mother was nowhere in sight.  That was when they noticed that residue from the a dimensional portal.


James II: Oh boy...  Looks like Mom's gone dimension hoping again...    


Xyna:  Urg...  Mom...  Sometimes I wonder if she has a brain.


Komin:  Looks like we're going to look for mom again.  And cause alittle chaos in the process. :devilish:


James II: :devil: We're just going to find mom and bring her back!  Nothing more!


Xyna: She better not be drunk this time.


With that the siblings opened a portal to find Polly, and bring her home.  Again.


And this ends the first part of the story, hope you enjoyed it.  Part 2 will come soon. 



Polly Clawson Bleed by MrSman5
Polly Clawson Bleed
My drawing of Polly Clawson Bleed.  It's unfinished though.  I'm working on a Untold Tales story now. 

Well, it's been weeks since I uploaded my Internet Psycho pictures, and I had no problems.  :aww: No white knights, No complaints, ^^;  well, I did get a response from PrincessElizabeth013, but nothing happened.  So it's safe to say:  MrSMan5 is here to stay! :D  Oh, and about my picture of AkaiDalia, I changed my mind about her.  Mostly because she haven't really done anything that would make me see her as a psycho, just a spoiled brat, plus I heard she changed her ways.  Of course I have yet to see proof of that.  But if I ever see any other internet users that done things that are malicious, wrong or just plain Crazy, I'll make pics of them in a heart beat.  But until then, I'll just do what I do: Make pics of my OCs and my friends OC if requested or by art trade.  BTW if any of you guys know any users that could be psycho worthy, let me know.   ;)  


Shawn Cantrell
United States
I'm a freelanced artist who specialize in holiday greeting cards.

I use colored pencils for all the work you see.

I paint with acrylic paint.

I play PS3 when or draw when bord.

I love original work and characters, anybody can draw characters from anime, video games, and movies, but it takes true creativity to make up your own stuff.

and yeah I like furries.

Current Residence: Can't say
Favourite genre of music: any from the 80's and 90's
Favourite style of art: expressionism
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: 512mb
Wallpaper of choice: own works
Favourite cartoon character: My own
Personal Quote: Keep your talents Alive.

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