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Just a gallery of my faves from other deviants.


Madam Ray bio

Real Name: Rachel Lyla Hoffman


Occupation:  Adventurer, scientist intern/ assistant, hero in training.


Powers:  None


Abilities:  Has a high scientific IQ, robotics expert, gymnastics.


Profile: Rachel was just an intern for the super hero/ scientific explorers known as the Amazing 7  ( I know, I know, unoriginal.)  over her summer vacation.  Then one day, some evil robots attacked the Amazing 7's laboratory, where Rachel was about to leave.  Once the robots broke it, Rachel panicked and grabbed the nearest thing to defend herself, which happens to be an experimental ray gun.  With it, Rachel was able to take out the robots with a single shot.  Unfortunately, that was what got Rachel fired for messing with the equipment.  Back at home, Rachel told her parents everything that happened, and that was when Rachel found out the truth.  Rachel's father Gerald Hoffman, was the human superhero known as: the Ray, and her mother Kelya Hoffman was the mercenary codenamed: Red Fox.  On the final day of summer vacation, Rachel's home town was taken over by an old super villain from Gerald's past, and he and Keyla were somewhere in the city.  Using her scientific knowledge, and her father's old blue prints, Rachel created robotic glider in the shape of a Manta Ray she calls  Mechanized Airborne Ray Glider Engine, Or M.A.R.G.E for short, and a small robot that was made to be a ray gun in a shape of a Trilobite, which she calls Assault Device Assistant, Or A.D.A.  With that, Rachel made a costume inspired by her father.  She now fights crime under the name Madam Ray.       

S Man art style 1
This is how my art style looks.  Next I'll show how I make human characters.
How would the main three celebrate a holiday that doesn't exist in their own world?

Welcome to a special Christmas Untold tales, where I take crossover stories from :iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777: and I tell you what happens before after and in between.  All characters belong to their respective deviants.

It's been months since Abby, Polo, and Carol were taken from the anthro world, and it was starting to get to them.  Since that day, they been attacked, hunted, pranked on, and they were no closer to going back home.  All they can think about is how they are unable to let their families, and friends know that their still alive.  Then one day, in December, an exhausted Abby was coming back to the apartment that the girls are living in for the time being, and she noticed lights coming from the center of  town.  Taking a closer look, Abby then saw a beautiful, yet strange sight: A giant tree that was shrouded in colorful lights, and at the top of the tree, was a crystal star, shining like a real star.  Everyone there were applauding, and cheering as Christmas songs started to play, and lights flashed along with them, but Abby was just standing there silently, confused about what's going on.  Normally everyone in the demon world were more aggressive, and cold, it was kind of crazy, for some reason, this day made them happy, and joyful.  It was kind of creepy.  Meanwhile Carol and Polo were walking around town, noticing how festive it became.  Trees covered in lights, plastic statues, reeves hanged on doors, and windows, and ordainments were placed on the lawns like a cathedral, and people happily greeting one another.  Polo, and Carol had no idea what was going on, but seeing everyone so cheery seemed like a nice change of pace.

Carol:  Su Luv'ly.  :aww:

Polo: It's nice I guess.  

As the two walked to the center of town, that's when they saw Abby, who was watching the Christmas lights from the back of the crowd.  With that, Polo, and Carol joined Abby and watched as the spectacle continued.

Polo:  What's going on?

Abby:  Some sort of ceremony.  I don't quite understand it myself.  

???:  It's a traditional show, that they have every year.  Isn't it breath taking?

That was when the girls were greeted by Yin Web, dressed in her red and white coat.

Auntie Web:  Merry Christmas girls.

Despite the gleeful greeting.  The girls were little confused.  

Carol:  Crees' mus?

Abby:  Is that what's going on today?

Yin was quite surprised.  To hear that the trio had no idea what Christmas was.  But not as much as what was said next.

Auntie Web:  :?  What?  You three don't know about Christmas?

Polo:  ^^;  Well, that's the thing.  This Christmas, doesn't exist in our world.

That was when the girls explained that the holidays of the anthro world are different from the ones here.  For one:  This world has a Holiday called Valentines day, However the anthro world has a similar holiday called Passion day, and this world has Halloween, but the anthro world has Savage night, and the demon world has April fools day, anthro world has Mischief month.  However the Holidays of Easter, and Christmas doesn't exists.  For you see, once the humans were wiped out and the Earth became the anthro world, everything that the humans had were wiped out as well, including religion.  Hence, why Christmas; being a Holiday of religious origin, no longer exist.  After hearing about the anthro world's Holidays, Yin then had an idea.

Auntie Web:  I can't believe that you girls never had a Christmas.  But I want you three to see how demons are during the Holidays.  Come to Bleed manor for the Christmas party.  I'm sure you'll love it.  

One week later, Abby, Polo, and Carol arrived at the manor and they were surprised on how bright and beautiful the manor looked, and the whole Bleed family, and the Toxin Family was there.  It was confusing yet nice.  Once there, the girls had a good time.  Carol was playing with the children, Polo and Adam armed wrestled with other pack members.  Polo always won.  And Abby was talking with Yin, thanking her for the invite.  For the first time in a long time:  Abby, Polo, and Carol forgot about their troubles.  For tonight, they will have a good time, and have some fun.

The next morning at Their apartment, the girls woke up to see a small Christmas tree, with tons of gifts.  And on the tree was a note, it said:  "Don't lose faith."   From that day, Abby, Polo, and Carol agreed that no matter what, they'll continue to live and fight.
And that was Abby, Polo, and Carol's first Christmas.  Hope you enjoyed.  And MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Untold Tale: First Christmas
This is the Story of Polo, Abby, and Carol's first time celebrating Christmas in the demon world.

Well, it's been weeks since I uploaded my Internet Psycho pictures, and I had no problems.  :aww: No white knights, No complaints, ^^;  well, I did get a response from PrincessElizabeth013, but nothing happened.  So it's safe to say:  MrSMan5 is here to stay! :D  Oh, and about my picture of AkaiDalia, I changed my mind about her.  Mostly because she haven't really done anything that would make me see her as a psycho, just a spoiled brat, plus I heard she changed her ways.  Of course I have yet to see proof of that.  But if I ever see any other internet users that done things that are malicious, wrong or just plain Crazy, I'll make pics of them in a heart beat.  But until then, I'll just do what I do: Make pics of my OCs and my friends OC if requested or by art trade.  BTW if any of you guys know any users that could be psycho worthy, let me know.   ;)  


Shawn Cantrell
United States
I'm a freelanced artist who specialize in holiday greeting cards.

I use colored pencils for all the work you see.

I paint with acrylic paint.

I play PS3 when or draw when bord.

I love original work and characters, anybody can draw characters from anime, video games, and movies, but it takes true creativity to make up your own stuff.

and yeah I like furries.

Current Residence: Can't say
Favourite genre of music: any from the 80's and 90's
Favourite style of art: expressionism
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: 512mb
Wallpaper of choice: own works
Favourite cartoon character: My own
Personal Quote: Keep your talents Alive.


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