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Just a gallery of my faves from other deviants.


Fairy friend by MrSman5
Fairy friend

Carol has became a bodyguard in the demon world.  Would you believe that her first client's a Fairy?


Welcome to untold tales, where I tell you stories from the crossover sagas of :iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777: and I tell you what happens before after and in between.  All characters belong to their respected deviants.


I have yet to tell an untold tale about Carol in her time in the demon world, so let's tell the story of her first adventure in the demon world as a bodyguard.  Our story begins at a demon market, where some fairies were yelling fighting in a cage, cussing up a storm at every demon they saw.  Meanwhile a lone pink furred fairy in green came out of the shadows while no one was looking.  Her name is Becka, and she's no ordinary Fairy, she's a Butterfly fairy, a rare type of fairy that have wings that has patterns similar to  butterfly wings, and were said to have powerful magical abilities.  There use to be many butterfly fairies, until the first queen of the witches Morgana got a hold of them, and used their magic for her own porpoises, and the rest like all fairies were seen as food to demons.  Now Becka was the last of the Butterfly fairies, and she's trying to save her fellow fairies.  However, they weren't very happy to see her.


Becka:  Shhhhh...  It's ok girls...  I'm here to save you.


Fairy 1:  :devil:  Oh, great...  It's Becka...


Fairy 2:  Great...  Lil miss goody fancy wings is here... 


Fairy 3:  Oy...  Now I want to be eaten...


Becka wasn't the most popular fairy, because of her kind nature and she had a habit of using her magic at full force when paniced, and for having magic in general.  For you see, fairies today are known to be bitter and hate filled, mostly because they are seen as pest and food to all demons.  Just then, the merchant came back to see what all the noise was about, that's when he saw Becka.  And he had a flyswatter ready. 


Merchant:  :stare: Oh!  Trying to escape eh?  Well let's see you get away when you're flattened! 


With that, the merchant lifted up a flyswatter and was about to smack Becka.  That's when she panicked.


Fairies:  :jawdrop:  Oh...  No...


Becka:  NO!!!  GET AWAY!!!!


And in a flash.  The whole market was engulf in a massive magical wave, destroying everything that was in it's wake.  Once the dust finally cleared, all the people in the area was knocked out.  Including the other fairies.


Merchant: :faint: :ko: Ouch...


Becka:  ^^; Oh dear....  I guessed I've over did it again... 


Fairy 1: *cough*  I HATE you!  :faint:


Later Becka was able to carry the cage out of the market place, but the fairies were still pissed off about earlier, and they ganged up on Becka.


Becka:  :fear: But...  But I was trying to save you...


Fairy 4:  :stare: And look what your help did!  IT ALMOST GOT US KILLED!!!


Fairy 3: :rage: And it doesn't even matter!  Because those brainless freaks of nature will just hunt us down again!!


Becka:  Please...  I know it's bad, that's why I want to be the new great fairy, to protect you all.            


All Fairies: :stare:


Fairy 1:  Let's kill her! 


Becka:  Eek...


With that, the other fairies chased Becka in a rage, until they chased her into a town.  That was when Becka saw an opened apartment window, and flew quickly inside.  Once she got away from the angry fairies, Becka rested on one of the beds.  That was when Becka noticed that the bed was very fuzzy, like a thick patch of fur.  To Becka, it was the most comfortable thing in the world, so much so, that she fell to sleep instantly. 


Becka: :love:  Wow...  So...  Soft... :faint:  :sleep:


The next morning, Becka awoke to screaming in a neighboring apartment room next door, and she wasn't the only one, for next thing she knew, Becka was flanged off the fur bed once it jump up.  That was when Becka noticed that the fuzzy bed wasn't a bed at all, it was a giant squirrel tail.  It was Carol Rendall, one of the three anthro girls from another world, and she was mad.  So mad that she shouted at her neighbor in her native language, which is unknown in the demon world. 


Becka:  :?  What language is that?  She's a weird...


Once she calmed down, Carol noticed her uninvited guest.  And was very confused.


Carol:  Vuu, or Vut are you?   Anu'er demun?


Becka:  :? What?  Are you asking what I am?


Carol:  :stare: Dat's vut I said.


Becka:  :no: (This might takes some getting used to...)  My name's Becka.  I'm a Butterfly Fairy.  Um...  Why where you shouting like that?


Carol:  :(  I've 'ad du babee sit da Bleed keeds, and dey as al'vays make id defecult...  E-specially wid Er-ees's prunks...  And I vus ex'usted, dat I vunted du just sleep...


Just like most of the population of the demon world, Becka couldn't understand Carol's accent. 


Becka:  ^^;  Um...  I...  Had no idea what you just said...  


Carol:  :no:  *sigh* Busha mo'e... 


It took hours, but Becka eventually started to understand Carol, well a little bit.   And Becka learns that Carol is from another world where she's a secret agent who is the best marksman in the anthro world.  And her and her friends were brought here by the Toxin gang.   That was fifteen years ago.  Now, Abby's the new science teacher, Polo is who knows where, and Carol is the new nanny for the demon children.  The hardest job ever, sometimes Carol thinks that the Bleed kids will actually kill her someday. After hearing that Carol was secret agent, Becka had an idea, she want to convince Carol to help her in finding the ancient fairy fountain, the place where the great fairies used to live, so that she can be the new great fairy.  Becka explains that she needs to go to a place called the fairy fountain cathedral.  For a long time Becka have seen her fellow fairies became total jerks due to the fact that demons have been eating them like they were potato chips, and they seem to hate Becka.  Becka believes that in becoming the new great fairy, she can make things right, and more Butterfly fairies would return to the demon world.  But the forest is filled with wild animals and hell creatures, that's why Becka needs Carol as a bodyguard.   However, Carol wasn't too sure about the whole thing, but in a way, Carol can relate to Becka.  Like Becka, Carol was treated badly due to her country of origin, when she first arrived in Anizam city.  So Carol agreed, but the journey will take days or weeks, and she had to do another babysitting job tomorrow.  So Becka agreed to wait.


The next day, Carol was once again babysitting the bleed kids, and as always they were giving her a very hard time.  From Sam constantly biting her tail to Henry playing with his mother weapons, and later Eris the dark genie turned Carol into a chicken as a prank, then a monkey, and worse, a snake.  Becka watch from a distance, as she watched Carol being tormented.


Becka:  :stare:  I just hope she'll survive this...  She is my bodyguard.


It was then, Becka was noticed by Henry.


Henry:  :la: Fairy!!!!!


Sam:  :la:  FAIRY!!?


Becka:  :jawdrop:  OH-NO!  


Carol:  sssss!!  (Becka!!)


Just like that, they ignored Carol who was still a snake, and started to chase down Becka.  All Carol can do was watch helplessly as her new friend was on the menu. 


Carol:  (Vy?  Vy now?  I can'd save 'er like dis!)


It was then, Eris got Becka in a corner.


Eris:  :devilish:  Sorry kids, but this fairy's MINE!!




And just like that, Becka once again panicked and unleashed her magic powers without thinking.  But this time, Becka fired a massive rainbow beam from her hands that engulf Eris, and the kids and sent them flying threw the house, once the dust cleared in the garden, Eris and the boys were completely knocked out, and covered in bright colors.


Eris:  :dead: Ow...


Sam: :ko: so much colors...


Henry: :dead: Taste the rainbow....


Back inside, Becka came to her senses, and saw Carol, who was horrified as she looked on at all the damages, and was very worried about the boys. 


Becka: Oops...  Over did it again...  Here Carol, let me change you back.


Using her fairy magic, Becka turn Carol back to normal, in a flash, Carol ran out into the garden to check on the children, ignoring Becka.  Once outside Carol ran to the boys and held them close like a worried mother.  Becka couldn't believe it.  Despite all that happened, and all that they put her through, Carol shows that she really loves them.


Carol:  :( Uo Nu...  Sammy, 'Enry...  Please be ok...


Later, Carol patched up everyone and put them to bed, even Eris.  Carol was a nurse after all.  She stayed with the boys to make sure they were alright.  When Carol came out of the rooms twenty minutes later, she started to clean up as much as she can.  Becka came out of hiding with an ashamed look on her face, but Carol didn't blame her for what happened.  Becka was just scared and didn't want to get eaten. 


Carol:  Id is ok Becka.  Nu von vus 'urt duu badly.


Becka:  ^^; Ok...  (Still can barely understand her...)


Later when the others came home, Carol told them that a hell creature came through the walls, luckily they all bought it.  It wasn't the first time something like that happened in the Bleed household.  Later that evening, Carol and Becka left for home.  As they were walking through the street, They were startled by a loud dark voice. 


???: :evileyes:  YOU!!!!


 As Becka turned to the voice, she saw a very horrible sight.  A witch, but not just any witch, it was Calypso the current queen of the witches.  Carol was always afraid of her, and always tries her best to avoid her.  But now, Carol's fear was realized, now that Calypso turns her attention to her.  But Becka was especially terrified, because it was the original witch queen who wiped out all the other Butterfly fairies for their powerful magic.  Scared out of her wits, Becka hid herself inside Carol's bushy tail, as Calypso cornered Carol against a brick wall, and stared at her coldly. Carol was scared, but Carol made a promise to protect Becka, so Carol lied as best she could.       


Calypso: :evileyes: Where is it?!


Carol:  :fear:  V Vere is vut?


Calypso: The Butterfly Fairy!  I know you have it, I can smell it!


Carol:  ^^;  I 'erd of Bu'der flies, but vut's a fa-ree?


Carol was trying to convince the intimidating witch queen that the whole thing seem like a joke.  But Calypso was not in the mood for jokes and games.


Calypso:  :devil: Don't play games with me rodent!  I sensed a powerful magical energy spike earlier today!  And it happened when YOU was at my idiot son in law house!  Only a Butterfly fairy could have a energy spike like that!   Also, I can smell it's scent's is all over you!


Becka:  :cries: (Please think of something Carol...  I don't want to be used for a witch's brew...)


Carol:  :fear:  Uh... :idea: Is dat's vut Er-ees durned me indu du-day?   Hee hee...  Dat's must be id!  You knue 'ow she play her lid'le, 'ow you say?  Prad'ical jukes.  ^^;


Suddenly in a flash, Calypso grab Carol by the cheeks and started to squeeze hard.  Carol can feel Calypso's claws beginning to dig threw her face. 


Calypso:  :evileyes:  You mortal vermin!  You dare insult my intelligence?!!  I know that idiot wouldn't think of that!  If you're not going to tell me the truth, THEN I'LL JUST RIP YOU APART UNTIL YOU TALK!!! 


Carol was so terrified, that she didn't even move, and Becka was felt terrible for putting Carol through this, because she was sacrificing herself to protect her.  Couldn't take Carol's suffering anymore, Becka was going to reveal herself to save Carol, but then someone grabbed Calypso's arm.


???: Ok!  That's enough!


Calypso:  Who dares?!


That was when Calypso saw her granddaughter Lulu, and she was staring her down.


Lulu: :devil: Let her go NOW!


Calypso:  :evileyes:  You dare give me orders half breed!?


Lulu:  I'm just here to make sure Henry's favorite babysitter's made it home.  If she dies Henry will be very upset.  Now let her go!


Calypso: :stare: Grrr...  Fine.  I'll let the rodent will live.  (For now anyway.  I'll force her to tell me what I want to know, next time she's alone...) 


With that, Calypso teleported away without a trace.  Carol collapsed from pure exhaustion, and relief, even though Lulu looked at her like she looks at Pack warriors who gotten lazy, she still escorted Carol back to her temporary home.  Unknowingly to Carol, Lulu caught Becka's sent and she sees why Calypso was after her.  And yet, Lulu said nothing.  The next day Carol gone to see Merlin to get more information about the great fairy fountain.   Merlin found it questionable that Carol, a mortal who knows very little about his world would even know about something from centuries ago.  But Carol just told him that a friend told her about it, and the state it was in now.  With that, Merlin told her about the great fairy fountain in the lost forest.  The fountain is where the fairy magic comes from, for you see, the fairy fountain doesn't flow water, but magic.  And it's the great fairy's job to keep it safe from magic thieves.  But then the original great witch queen Morgana came to the fountain at first the great fairy kept her at bay.  But eventually, she killed the great fairy, and corrupted the fountain so that only the queen of the witches can only get it's magic.  Since then, Morgana ordered the other witches to hunt down butterfly fairies, for only the butterfly fairies can become great fairies.  However other witches wanted the secret to the queens power, so they tried to find the fountain for themselves, and tried to kill Morgana.  The only one who actually killed the witch queen, was Calypso, however before Morgana died, the witch queen cast a final spell that no other witch or fairy would enter to take her power away, for the queen will be resurrected and reclaim what's hers. 


With that knowledge in mind, Carol now understands why Calypso attacked her last night.  Now Carol was ready to help Becka, on her journey.  Armed with guns and with a bow and arrows Carol set out on her trip to the lost forest.


Becka:  Carol, are you sure you want...


But Carol stops her.


Carol: ;) I'm you're bu'dee gurd nu?   I pro'us du pro'dect you, and I am.  Now lex's gu.


Becka:  :D You're a true friend!  ( ^^; even though I can barely understand you sometimes...)


As Carol and Becka race off to the lost forest, they were being watched by Calypso.


Calypso:  :devilish: Yes little rodent, lead me to the fountain.  And then I'll kill you and just blame it on the beasts that are inhabiting the forest.


To be continued.


And this is the end of part 1, part 2 will come soon.  Hope you all enjoyed.





Well, it's been weeks since I uploaded my Internet Psycho pictures, and I had no problems.  :aww: No white knights, No complaints, ^^;  well, I did get a response from PrincessElizabeth013, but nothing happened.  So it's safe to say:  MrSMan5 is here to stay! :D  Oh, and about my picture of AkaiDalia, I changed my mind about her.  Mostly because she haven't really done anything that would make me see her as a psycho, just a spoiled brat, plus I heard she changed her ways.  Of course I have yet to see proof of that.  But if I ever see any other internet users that done things that are malicious, wrong or just plain Crazy, I'll make pics of them in a heart beat.  But until then, I'll just do what I do: Make pics of my OCs and my friends OC if requested or by art trade.  BTW if any of you guys know any users that could be psycho worthy, let me know.   ;)  


Shawn Cantrell
United States
I'm a freelanced artist who specialize in holiday greeting cards.

I use colored pencils for all the work you see.

I paint with acrylic paint.

I play PS3 when or draw when bord.

I love original work and characters, anybody can draw characters from anime, video games, and movies, but it takes true creativity to make up your own stuff.

and yeah I like furries.

Current Residence: Can't say
Favourite genre of music: any from the 80's and 90's
Favourite style of art: expressionism
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Favourite cartoon character: My own
Personal Quote: Keep your talents Alive.

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